Our Story

Our story starts with us, 4 very different sisters each exploring separate journeys to find the perfect beauty routine. As sisters and founders of The Beauty Heritage, we believe natural beauty starts within, radiating through our skin. In order to truly understand our skin, we have to go a little deeper and look at our heritage.

Inspired by our grandmother, who took great pride in her esthetics – always manicured, primed, and exuding old-Hollywood glamour – we have always dedicated special attention to our daily beauty routine.

From lathering to scrubbing, masking and soaking, we were always dedicated to using a line-up of beauty products each and every day. Our routines were quick, but consistent. As we got older, we started noticing small skin issues and eventually some major health issues, which made us pause, take a serious step back, and really take the time to understand the products we had been using for so long.

Met with words nearly impossible to pronounce, an endless list of letters and numbers, and cheeky marketing terms that led us to believe that we were using only the finest products – we realized this simply wasn’t the case.

So, we educated ourselves. We got rid of the conventional beauty products that we had once trusted so blindly and decided to make a change.


What Drives Us

This change led us to clean, natural, and health-centric products. Once we really discovered and understood the world of clean beauty, we soon realized we had to share our finds with all of you. And so, The Beauty Heritage was born.

With so much emphasis on what we put in our bodies, we at The Beauty Heritage feel it is just as important to focus on what we put on our bodies. Our promise is to provide you with products that are clean, conscious, and cruelty-free.


What Sets Us Apart

We are proud to say that we’ve cut out the marketing jargon and done our due diligence on each ingredient and its benefits, so you can really feel comfortable that what you’re putting onto your skin is authentic, clean, and all natural. Every product you’ll find at The Beauty Heritage has been tried and tested by our team, and we are here to help you understand what works well – and what doesn’t – for every skin type.

After years of research, we have carefully curated the most natural brands which we truly believe in. These are brands who share our ethos, and who are all about creating natural products, allowing you to reap the benefits of pure and organic ingredients from around the world. The brands we work with care about every step of the process, starting from the origin of each ingredient, down to how combining nature’s best assets will give you that extra glow-up.

Not only is The Beauty Heritage a seamless platform to shop the most coveted natural products, but it’s also a space for us to share our personal tips and tricks with you, and how to completely shift to a clean beauty lifestyle.


Welcome to The Beauty Heritage – 100% natural and 100% honest.

Meet The Sisters


Talah: CEO, the 1st sister

An avid lover of Asian food and all things organic. As a mother of 2 little ones, Talah knows sustainability and eco friendliness is the only way forward for her family.

Skin Type: Combination to Oily.


Donya: Co-Founder, the 2nd sister

A superb baker using natural and unrefined products, this mother of 2 understands that in life everything has karma, and you get what you give; treat animals and nature with the respect they deserve, and you will get that respect back.

Skin Type: Sensitive, combination


Yara: CFO, the 3rd sister

With a legal and business background, Yara knows that there’s a balance between loving the products you use and loving the planet; “there’s absolutely no need to harm the environment with our beauty routines.”  

Skin Type: Combination to dry


Roya: Co-Founder, the 4th sister

Our most market savvy and on trend sister, Roya understands aesthetics really do matter, but what we use to attain our beauty goals matters more. After countless breakouts, rashes, and allergic reactions, Roya discovered there’s a world of alternative beauty to be explored.

Skin Type: Hyper Sensitive, Eczema Prone